The Grand Meydan

Step into grandeur at The Grand Meydan, our distinguished and capacious hall, designed to host the most opulent and large-scale gatherings. Accommodating up to 650 guests, this majestic space boasts an aura of sheer luxury and sophistication, offering an unforgettable setting for grand celebrations, lavish weddings, or corporate galas. With its expansive layout and exquisite décor, The Grand Meydan stands as the pinnacle of elegance and grand events at Distrikt 9.

The Pavilion

Enter The Pavilion, a haven of sophistication and intimacy designed to accommodate up to 150 guests. This charming space, adorned with elegant aesthetics and modern conveniences, provides an exquisite backdrop for smaller-scale events, from cocktail parties to elegant receptions. The Pavilion offers an enchanting setting where luxury meets intimacy, creating an ambiance perfect for creating cherished memories.

Conference Hall

Nestled in elegance, our Mini Conference Hall is tailored for intimate yet professional gatherings. With a capacity for 120 guests, this hall offers a refined atmosphere perfect for seminars, workshops, or smaller corporate functions. The hall's tasteful décor and modern amenities ensure an ideal setting for productive discussions and focused engagements, exuding a blend of luxury and practicality for your exclusive events.

Board Room

Discover our exclusive Board Room, a refined space tailored for intimate gatherings of up to 12 individuals. With a chic design and state-of-the-art amenities, this room is ideal for high-profile meetings, executive discussions, or smaller gatherings. The Board Room ensures a luxurious and comfortable environment, perfectly suited for focused and confidential deliberations.