Exploring Palakkad's Rich Tapestry

Discover a rich tapestry of attractions surrounding Distrikt-9, each offering an immersive experience in Palakkad’s vibrant tapestry. From historic forts to picturesque dams, serene temples, and lush wildlife sanctuaries, these destinations, located within close proximity to our hotel, promise an exploration of heritage, natural beauty, and cultural significance. Join us on a journey through the wonders of Malampuzha’s scenic landscapes, Palakkad Fort’s historical grandeur, and the tranquil allure of Parambikulam’s wildlife sanctuary. Embrace the heritage of Kalpathy Temple and Meenkulathikkavu’s spiritual significance, discovering the essence of Palakkad’s compelling attractions just a stone’s throw away from Distrikt-9.


Nestled just 11 km from Distrikt-9, Malampuzha allures with its scenic dam and natural beauty. This picturesque spot offers stunning landscapes, highlighted by a beautiful dam, lush gardens, and amusement parks, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers and families seeking leisure amidst breathtaking surroundings.

Palakkad Fort

Located 11 km from Distrikt-9, Palakkad Fort stands as a historic marvel. With architectural grandeur dating back centuries, the fort boasts remarkable attractions, including museums, cannons, and ancient artifacts. The surrounding lush gardens and serene ambiance add to the charm, making it a captivating visit for history enthusiasts.


Approximately 89 km from Distrikt-9, Parambikulam beckons with its rich wildlife, expansive dam, and vibrant sanctuary. Its verdant landscapes serve as a sanctuary for diverse flora and fauna, offering an enriching experience for nature enthusiasts and adventurers seeking tranquility within the lush sanctuary.

Silent Valley

Spanning 152 km from Distrikt-9, Silent Valley National Park is an evergreen expanse known for its rich biodiversity and varied wildlife. With dense forests, pristine waterfalls, and a diverse range of flora and fauna, it remains a paradise for nature lovers, inviting them to explore its stunning landscapes.


Approximately 70 km from Distrikt-9, Seetharkundu boasts stunning waterfalls and holds historical significance. The cascading falls offer a breathtaking spectacle, and the place is steeped in local legends, adding an intriguing touch to its natural beauty.

Mangalam Dam

Around 60 km from Distrikt-9, Mangalam Dam presents a serene reservoir amidst scenic landscapes. Offering a tranquil setting, it is a perfect spot for wildlife enthusiasts and nature admirers seeking peaceful moments amidst nature's beauty.

Kalpathy Temple

Situated just 13 km from Distrikt-9, Kalpathy Temple stands as a magnificent heritage site. With its stunning architecture and vibrant festivals, the temple is a blend of spirituality and cultural richness, attracting devotees and tourists alike.